At Sponge, we pride ourselves on improving students’ results
without stressing them out.

We prepare and deliver tailored lessons for students in years K-12. We tutor a wide range of subjects, and we travel to your home.


We offer K-6 tutoring in English, Mathematics and preparation for Selective School and Entrance Exams.


We cover English, Mathematics, Science, History, Geography and a variety of Electives. We also incorporate study skills into our sessions, to help students get the most out of the time they spend on homework and exam preparation.


We offer tutoring in all levels of English and Mathematics, plus Sciences (Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Extension Science) and Humanities (Economics, Legal Studies, Business Studies, Ancient & Modern History, and Geography).

How it works

Pick a tutor, and get in touch via our website

We’ll contact you to discuss your needs and whether our approach is right for your child

If we’re right for you, we’ll coordinate a tutoring arrangement that fits your schedule

You’ll receive a booking confirmation from us

Your child’s tutor will contact you to discuss specifics

First session happens

Do you need us?

Not every student needs tutoring. In this short video we’ll look at situations in which tutoring may benefit a student.

After watching, you’ll be armed with the information you need to decide whether tutoring is right for your child.

Is my child guaranteed a tutor when I enquire?

We aim to field as many enquiries as possible.

During term time, allocating slots for new students can be tough as most of our tutors are booked up. We don’t hire or recommend tutors who aren’t equipped to do a great job, which means our waiting lists are longer than most.

School holidays are the best time to enquire. If you know your child will require a tutor, getting in touch as soon as possible is recommended.

For terms and conditions, visit here.



“Thanks to Sponge I was able to absorb information more easily. My tutor walked me through the concepts with clear explanations, diagrams and often slightly crazy analogies. There was never any stress, but always someone to help me with my questions in the warmest way possible. It didn't just aid with my raw school work, but also with how to handle exams, which greatly benefited me in my approach to the HSC.”

Tim R, Sydney Grammar School, Year 12 2017


“Thank you to Sponge for your help throughout my HSC year! I loved how structured the lessons were, whether it was spent looking over difficult questions or revising particular concepts, the 2 hour sessions I had were always productive and informative. Sponge provided me with a wide range of resources, which helped me gain a comprehensive understanding of syllabus dotpoints for my HSC. Thanks Sponge!”

Ashley Z, Abbotsleigh, Year 12 2017


“Sponge Education was a lifesaver for me during year 12. My tutor helped me to change biology from being one of my most dreaded classes to one of my favourites as I always felt prepared and ready. I was able to ask my tutor questions in between sessions as well.”

Campbell R, St Aloysius, Year 12 2017