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I’m Sarah Durack, a science & maths teacher from Sydney, Australia.

I founded sponge to improve education by focusing on the people in it. I support teachers, tutors, and students to do their best work, through tailored courses and resources.

I know how hard it is to make amazing things happen while you’re running on precious little. I’ve been there. So, if you want to make your work in education easier, learn something new, or just get a helping hand, sponge is for you.

Thanks for visiting sponge, my little corner of the internet.

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Learn clever ways to save time as a teacher, how to become a private tutor, and everything in between. Explore my range of courses. (Free for a limited time.)


Diary of a Teacher is a spoken diary of my experiences in education. This podcast is recommended for teachers, tutors, and students.


Occasionally I’ll post videos of my lessons, tutoring sessions, tips & tricks.

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