Teachers are undervalued and have been for decades. I founded Sponge because I wanted to challenge this reality and leave teaching in better shape than I found it.

I’m Sarah Durack. I teach sciences and mathematics at a high school in Sydney, Australia.

My aim is to pay it forward in the form of high-quality resources and support. I hope my work will inspire others to pursue a teaching career and stay in the profession for many years to come.


Diary of a Teacher is a spoken diary of my life as a teacher. This podcast is recommended for teachers, tutors, and pre-service teachers.


Occasionally I’ll post videos of lessons and tutoring sessions.


Thinking about becoming a teacher? Tutoring is a great way to start practising. Explore the range of tutoring courses.

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Sponge was built to help others navigate the teaching profession. Thriving in this vocation requires support, so when you need it, please reach out.

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